Write, connect & visualize
your text notes

The #1 text-first personal knowledge manager

Instant Note Linking

Connect your notes into a Wiki-style web of knowledge by highlighting words.

Mindmap view

Visualize your web of notes with mindmap visualizations.

Markdown autoformatting

A beautiful Markdown writing experience to help you focus on that which matters most: writing.

An elegeant, text-first writing experience

Note linking. Build your web of knowledge.

The easiest way to build a Wiki-like web of knowledge. Linking notes together is as easy as highlighting words.

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Mindmap view. Your web of notes, visualized.

Explore your web of notes visually with the mindmap visualizations. Quickly get a bird's eye view of your notes and their relations.

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Markdown-first. A beautiful writing experience.

A beautiful, text-first writing experience. Your notes are saved in Markdown and easy exportable: your notes are forever yours. We're in it for the long haul.

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Why our users love Contexted

I've used them all: Evernote, OneNote, Bear, plain Markdown. Contexted is the first frictionless way to create a text-first personal knowledge base.

Coco Bob, web developer

My ultimate goal has always been to organize my life in plain text. Contexted helps me do just that.

Use our basic functions free, forever.

Fully usable, core product without limitations.
  • Unlimited content, pages and links
  • Mindmap view
  • Markdown export
  • Image support
  • Daily backups
  • Cloud sync (Dropbox, Google Drive)

$0 / mo

Full blown personal knowledge manager with cloud sync options.
  • Unlimited content
  • Mindmap view
  • Markdown export
  • Upload + include images
  • Daily backups
  • Cloud sync (Dropbox, Google Drive)

$4 / mo

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Contexted?

Contexted is a text-first personal knowledge manager. It is aimed to be a great writing experience for your notes, with the ability to frictionlessly link them together into a web of knowledge. Get a helicopter view of your web of notes with mindmap visualizations. You can format your text with Markdown, too.

What can I use it for?

Contexted is great for organizing knowledge. Whatever you want to create a Wiki-style web of knowledge, write longform interlinked articles, use it to implement GTD, build your own Zettelkasten; Contexted is completely flexible and will adapt to whatever structure you want to use it for.


How safe is my data?

Producing content takes great effort, and therefore, is valuable. Our primary focus is to make sure that your content is there for you whenever, wherever. Your data is backed up daily, and all your notes are easy exportable.

Can I export my data?

Your data should be yours, forever. All your notes are easy exportable, whenever you want to. We hate vendor locks, just as you do.


What is the subscription model?

Using the basic functionality of Contexted is free, forever. No limitations. We're working on an extended version, providing automatic cloud storage sync (Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive) and some cool extra features which will come at a small monthly fee. The core product of Contexted will be always be free to use, without any limitations or vendor lock-in.


How do I get support?

We personally respond to all your emails within 24 hours to assist you, and make sure to get you right back up to speed.