The relational note-taking app

Write and [[connect]] your notes into a personal knowledge base. All in Markdown, completely encrypted.

A note almost never stands on its own

Traditional note-taking apps

Most curent note-taking app treat each note in isolation. Related notes can not be linked, making it hard to get an overview of how your notes are related. Each note feels as a start from scratch, isolated from all your previous work.


Contexted makes writing notes and linking them together a bliss. Packed with features to write, connect and navigate your notes, Contexted enables you to transform your notes into personal knowledge. Each new note is part of your web of knowledge.

An open, secure and frictionless note-taking experience


Your notes are stored in plain text Markdown and is easily exportable. We hate vendor locks as much as you do.


Visualize your connected notes in beautiful mindmap visualizations to get a birds-eye view of your knowledge base.

End-to-end encryption

Contexted supports end-to-end encryption on all your notes. This prevents any third parties from accessing your data, even us.